I'm Emelia, a wife and mother to 4 amazing children. Home organization and design is my passion. After years of organizing and decorating our home, I decided to turn my passion into a business to help others. I'm on a mission to inspire people to get organized, stay organized, be themselves and thrive with impeccable style!

I believe clearing clutter instantly helps change our lives and mood...it brings so much order and inner peace that I love. Its's a fantastic feeling to have...if you're frustrated due to clutter, we're here to help. We empower our clients by using systematic and practical organizing solutions that best serves their unique needs and lifestyle. We leave our clients with so much confidence and knowledge of maintaining their organized space so they can be the best version of themselves daily.

At Emerich Designs, we only give the best to our clients. With our years of experience in organizing, decluttering and designing, we have an eye for coming up with practical and unique solutions to  simplify your living spaces. We believe nothing beats having a well organized and designed space that is also easy on the eye, so we go all out to ensure our client's needs are met. Contact us and Let's do this together!

Why EMERICH Designs?

My husband and I came up with the name EMERICH right after we got married years ago. It's part my name (Emelia) and partly his name (Richardson). We always knew we wanted to own a business but didn't know when it will actually happen. Being married and raising a family, life got busy (so to speak) and we never really gave the business idea another thought until recently. When we finally decided to go into business, EMERICH was the only name that came to mind and of course we ran with it, added designs and here we are today, in business!

Rich and I are a great team---we work really well together. He has always helped with organization and decoration projects around the house and now our business! We're the best husband and wife team and I can't imagine doing this along side anyone else! He's my business partner, best friend and my handy man! So don't be surprised when you see us together for consultations and appointments.

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